Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning

Spray tan and spray tanning services by TOMORROWS Salon in Rocky River, Ohio.


Keep Your Summer Tan All Year Long

Get a tan the safe way at TOMORROWS

Over exposure to the sun poses serious risks to your health. In fact, In the past few decades, the incidence of melanoma has shot up 800 percent among women ages 18 to 39. Have you had enough sun this summer but still want to keep your tan? 

TOMORROWS is pleased to offer sunless tanning services by Tan with Kare. Customized spray tanning is the healthiest alternative to the sun. It keeps you looking young as the UV damage from tanning beds and the sun are erased from the equation.

To ensure the most natural looking glow, each client receives a unique color analysis to complement their skin type. This promises a stunning tan.


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Ready for your spray tanning session?

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you keep that healthy glow even longer:

Before Your Session:

  • Use a cotton washcloth to gently exfoliate your skin

  • Shave and receive any spa services prior to your Spray Tan

  • NO moisturizer the day of your Spray Tan – before or after

  • Wear old undergarments to tan in (anything from granny panties to a g-string is fine)

  • Wear loose, dark slip on clothes & shoes – NO TIGHT CLOTHES to your appointment

  • Consider a strapless bra for your appointment if appropriate

After Your Session:

  • Stay dry for 12 hours for the maximum benefits

  • Use Dove Soap or any other mild soap or shower gel (High pH soaps will fade you fast)

  • Take short, warm showers and pat skin dry (don’t rub)

  • Moisturize AT LEAST every other day starting after your first shower, post Spray Tan

  • Sassy Self-Tanner & Anti-Aging Retail Spray, post Spray Tan, will provide best results for extending the life of your colour

  • Spray perfume and cologne on clothing or the back of your hairline – NOT directly on skin (because it’s got alcohol in it and will dry out the area sprayed – i.e. it will look dirty/blotchy)

  • Sports active people will benefit from powder in socks, sports bras, shin guards, etc.

  • Keep hydrated and drink plenty of water to help your S.T. fade

  • Remember that a Spray Tan is ‘paint’ on your skin, so choose activity wisely

Enjoy your spray tan experience in our discreet and private room.

Spray Tanning pricing starts at $35 per session for a full body application.

Spray Tanning pricing starts at $35 per session for a full body application.