Support Staff

Tomorrows Support Staff


Anci Brennan, Founder

At thirteen years old, Brennan was huddled under a train with her family, fleeing their native Hungary for the United States. Today she is a successful entrepreneur and mother of three grown children. “You are running for your lives,” her Father, Mihaly Abel, told Brennan. “If you don’t make this train, you must stay behind and learn to live with their communist system.” The little girl who left Hungary with little more than the clothes on her back is now an accomplished business owner.It wasn’t easy. When Brennan and her family came to Cleveland, five months after their escape, she couldn’tspeak a word of English. She learned quickly though, she tested out of 8th and 12th grade and with the help of a scholarship and a campus job; she attended Cleveland State University, majoring in psychology.

After graduation, she was a Holiday Inn sale representative for four years and later became business manager of a hair-styling salon and was named a partner in 1980. In May of 1983 she opened her own salon, TOMORROWS a hair salon, at Beachcliff Market Square, in downtown Rocky River.


Kim - Manager

Kim has been with TOMORROWS for 10+ years! Kim is responsible for managing the desk and scheduling for all the Stylists. Kim enjoys time with her lovely family outside of the salon.


Melanie - Receptionist

Melanie has been with TOMORROWS for 15+ years. Melanie nurtures our family atmosphere at the salon assisting at the desk part time. Melanie also holds a Masters in Physical Education and teaches full time. Outside of work, Melanie enjoys time with her beautiful family.