Semi-Permanent Mascara Treatments​ at Tomorrows

Two week mascara from Cry Baby

Semi-permanent mascara treatments at Tomorrows.

Semi-permanent mascara treatments at Tomorrows.

Our semi-permanent mascara applications curl and coat lashes with Cry Baby Mascara which adds volume, length, curl and color to lashes. The formula is 100% waterproof/smear-proof and lasts two weeks, often longer.

Ideal for active lifestyles and special events, let our professional technicians apply this cost effective solution for maintaining your eyelashes' natural beauty.

Here's how it works:


1. Cry Baby is custom mixed for your eyelash type and desired effect


2. A thin paste is applied to the lashes in a fashion similar to over-the-counter mascara


3. Precision tools are used to separate and coat the lashes


4. The mascara quickly dries forming an antimicrobial, flexible coating that adds color, thickness and length

It takes just 30 minutes for our trained, certified specialists at Tomorrows to apply Cry Baby Mascara. Contact Tomorrows to set up your application today!

Anci Brennan