Get Perfect Hair For Holiday Events – Check Out These 5 Style Tips From Roberta

Holiday season can either cause hair style anxiety or inspire adventurous ideas. Which do you choose?

TOMORROWS asked Roberta, our stylist who specializes in multidimensional color, to provide tips on how to get the perfect hair style for your next big event. 

  1. Don't hesitate to present a hair style that is unique and playful. "If you made the A-list for a fancier occasion, get something special done. This is your chance to make an impact," says Roberta. "Bring your best, you know that everyone is expecting it."
  2. Preparation is everything. Bring a variety of reference photos for your stylist. "Don't marry yourself to one style, your hair may not be support the look," emphasizes Roberta. "Multiple photo references give me the chance to combine different looks that best suit both your goals and hair profile."
  3. Don't forget color. "There is nothing wrong with adding a little highlight," stresses Roberta. "Color is a great way to show off your style by emphasizing unique features." 
  4. Shampoo the day before your style. "Let your natural oils build up," stresses Roberta. "This will support the style much better, allowing the product to adhere to the hair and hold your look."
  5. Prepare to maintain. "Don't forget about your style during the event," says Roberta. "Carrying a little can of hair spray is not a bad thing." 

Roberta specializes in multidimensional color, a look to certainly consider for your next holiday party. This time of year is busy for everyone so don't miss the chance to schedule your holiday style. Book your appointments now by calling 440-333-5056.

“My clients are in very capable hands. I take pride in my work which includes multi-dimensional color as well as the eye I have for trendy and workable hairstyles.”

Check out photos from Roberta's Tough Mudder competition on April 27, 2013.


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