New Artwork by Shelley Vail at TOMORROWS

We are delighted to display the work of local artist Shelley Vail

Shelley holds a BFA from Bowling Green University and a BS in Art Education from Kent State University. Since 1998 she has been creating happy paintings sold through juried art shows and by commission. 

Shelley's use of cheerful colors and heartwarming subjects will not match your sofa but will bring a smile to your heart. Her interpretations inspire creativity and the joy of inner bliss. She has a unique ability to see the things we love and display them in a way that highlights their visual beauty. 

She is the proud mother of a daughter attending Denison University, the loving wife of Frank, and is the love of her dog's life. A native of Ohio, Shelley has made Rocky River her home since 2000. 

To purchase or commission a painting Shelley can be contacted at 440-333-2810 or


Geof Pelaia