An Alternative to 'Foils' for Hair Coloring You Must Know About

TOMORROWS uses plastic wrap to achieve superb highlights.

At TOMORROWS we take pride in using proven salon techniques that lead to consistent client satisfaction and well-being.  

One such technique is the use of 'plastic wrap' as opposed to traditional 'foils' in applying color for highlights and lowlights. A number of stylists at TOMORROWS including Genevieve, have mastered this method with great success. 

"This is a trademark of TOMORROWS," says Genevieve. "We've been doing it since 1981 and have perfected the process. The plastic wrap method allows you to cover as much area of the head as possible, which makes it ideal for big color changes. You can get closer to the scalp for a better overall result."

Genevieve's top reasons for using plastic wrap as opposed to foil include:

  • A more natural-looking outcome
  • The product gets greater scalp coverage 
  • Visibility of the color processing due to the transparency of plastic wrap
  • A more compact overall placement - sections wrapped in plastic do not stand off your head like foil
  • Easier to apply heat from a hair dryer if needed
  • More economical as less product is wasted during the process
  • Using a technique shared by finer salons in New York City or those featured in Vogue, for example 

"Using foils is perfectly fine, but we get positive feedback from clients all the time about this alternative. Customers who have never experienced the plastic wrap technique are always satisfied!" says Genevieve.

"This is how we learned to apply color, and now we've perfected it after getting faster. This is the preferred method."

Call TOMORROWS to schedule your hair color with Genevieve or any of our experienced color experts at 440-333-5056.

Genevieve // Stylist

Genevieve // Stylist

“I have been styling and coloring hair for many years. I see hair design as an expression of art and it gives me pride to make my clients look and feel their best. I specialize in dimensional color and precision hair cutting.” 

Genevieve has spent many years styling hair for fashion shoots as well as catalogues with several fashion photographers. Her precise weaving techniques as well as her cuts are well known among her peers. She finds corrective hair color a challenge and prides herself in the results that she creates. During her time away from hairdressing, she spends traveling with her family to the Western parts of the United States as well as painting landscapes, and interior designing.

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