Do You Sit All Day? Here are 5 Tips for Relieving Stiff, Sore Muscles.

Sitting for long hours at a desk or hunched over a computer screen can result in serious discomfort.

A sore back can be soothed with massage   

A sore back can be soothed with massage


Does this sound familiar? It should. As a matter of fact, 86% of fulltime workers do it all day, every day, usually because they don't have a choice.


TOMORROWS massage therapist Sherri explains, "Your body becomes stiff and sore as a result of being in a seated posture for a prolonged period of time day after day. Your chest and back are compromised, as well as your shoulders and hips."

Fortunately, as you begin to improve your posture, you can feel better. A few simple changes can help protect your body:

  1. Ensure your work station is ergonomically friendly
  2. Adjust the height of you chair so that your hips are slightly higher than your knees
  3. Put the keyboard at the same height or slightly lower than your elbows
  4.  Position your computer screen twenty inches away from your face, so you don’t have to crane your neck up, down, right or left
  5. Find a good massage therapist

"Even if the physical stresses of a prolonged seated posture have already taken their toll, massage can ease, soothe and treat the discomfort," says Sherri. 

The benefits of massage therapy reach far beyond physical stress relief, including back pain alleviation, reducing cramping, and immunity building. Plus it feels really good, and you deserve it!

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Sherri // Massage Therapist
Sherri treats her clients to a unique style that she has developed over nearly 20 years of bodywork experience, including 10 years licensed with The State of Ohio Medical Board. Sherri is additionally certified in the following modalities: polarity, Reiki, Lomi-Lomi spiritual massage, chakra balancing, acupressure, myofascial release therapy, therapeutic applications in sports, neuromuscular release and deep tissue massage. Sherri's clients range from newborn babies to folks well into their 90's. From the sedentary to the professional athlete, Sherri's focus is to optimize function and enhance well being.



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