Explore the Possibilities with Hair Extensions

Contact Danielle and Kate for your hair extensions!

Stylish long hair is no longer just limited those of us who were born with thick, wavy locks.

Long, natural-looking hair extensions applied by qualified and experienced stylists can create a look that a lot of us have only dreamed of!


Properly applied hair extensions can are essentially undetectable. TOMORROWS extension expert Kate says, "Clients love walking in the salon with thin, shorter hair and leaving with a new look, complete with waves, length and volume." Kate loves making long hair dreams come true. "What was once impossible is now within reach during one salon appointment," she adds.

Hair extensions come in an array of colors and lengths, which can be determined at a consultation. We can help determine the look that's right for any client.

If you have questions about possible hair extensions for yourself, give us a call at 440-333-5056. 

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