Fun Fall Hair

This Fall, try out a trend that compliments your style. 

"Hairstyles are not permanent, which is why I encourage my clients to try new looks! People always tell me they're so glad they tried something new," TOMORROWS Stylist Rachel shared.


Rachel loves these three looks that are popped up all over the runways New York Fashion week. 

  1. Wavy hair: This style is so easy to maintain, because nowadays we have so many styling tools at our disposal. The right tool can achieve a wavy look for almost every hair type.
  2. Knots: A 'neat messy' option that looks cool on a fashion forward woman is the knot. Worn on the side or in the back, it literally takes a few minutes to achieve and gives a great casual and fun vibe.
  3. Bold Color: Fun, fun, fun! Color is not going anywhere, from bold shades to pastels, semi-permanent hair coloring is still here for the Fall.

Is it time for you to try a new look? You may experiment with one of these ideas, or talk to your TOMORROWS Stylist for a new style that would be right for you! Call 440-333-5056 for an appointment today.

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