Restoration is Key for Optimal Health


In the quest to be physically fit, we have been conditioned to push our bodies hard.

However, a more holistic goal of achieving optimal health compels us to take a closer look at balance in our bodies.

A practice that is equally critical as exercise is restoration. This key component in a physical regimen complements the physical rigor our body undergoes while exercising.

Restoration practices can take many forms:

  • Sleep

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Hydration

  • Massage

TOMORROWS’ massage therapist Fotiana says, “A lot of my regular clients commit to massage as part of their regular routine to ensure restoration is happening in their bodies. They are seeking muscle repair as well joint lubrication and connective tissue healing. Massage, especially cupping massage, facilitates restoration, and my active clients tell me massage speeds up recovery time as a result,” adds Fotiana.

If you’re active and in need of some RESTORATIVE RECOVERY, Contact TOMORROWS to schedule your massage session today!

massageJulie Hill