Massage Therapists at TOMORROWS Salon

Massage Therapists



I graduated from Cuyahoga Community College for Massage Therapy/Advanced Massage Therapy at the end of 2015. I also have my Associates Degree in Applied Science. I perform therapeutic massages in order to assist in muscle, connective tissue, and joint related pain, as well as helping clients gain their range of motion, muscle strength, and mobility. I provide treatment for medical conditions, injuries, athletes, wellness maintenance and relaxation. I work very closely with every single client's own personal needs, preferences, and pressure tolerances. I help my clients understand the importance of regular massages in order to stay pain free; this keeps the muscles healthy and loose which keeps the bones aligned as well. I also offer aromatherapy and incorporate stretches in my therapeutic massage sessions. My work hours are flexible to meet your needs. All in a calm and relaxing environment. I love helping others feel better physically and mentally. I hope to see you soon!