Four Tips for Winter Skin Care


Like it or not, the cold weather is here to stay; and the icier the air gets the more we have to protect our skin.

By adapting a regular skin care and moisturizing routine, you can keep that supple summer glow all year long.

When you feel those first frosty flakes start to nip at your nose, follow these four expert tips from TOMORROWS' esthetician Renee:

Try our eye and lip cream from AKTA featuring alpha lipoic acid and Vitamin K.

Try our eye and lip cream from AKTA featuring alpha lipoic acid and Vitamin K.

  1. Hydrated, and then Hydrate some more –  It’s easy to forget about drinking water when its chilly outside. Guzzling at least six eight-ounce glasses of H2O per day is still the best way to keep skin hydrated from the inside out. Bonus: It keeps dark circles at bay too!
  2. Yes, you still need sunscreen – Although we spend a lot less time outdoors during the winter months, the UV rays we catch can be even stronger due to the super reflective snow. If you are really missing your summer tan, learn more about spray tanning services available year round at TOMORROWS.
  3. Make your lip balm work harder –  Moistening lips with cool water immediately before applying lip balm makes them more permeable and locks in the product.  Take the extra second to do this step, when your regular balm can’t keep up with the dry air. We recommend the AKTA Eye and Lip Kram  which contains Alpha Lipoic Acid: One of the most powerful anti-aging, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory substances available.
  4. Exfoliate twice weekly – Dead skin cells prevent the absorption of all those fabulous moisturizers you use.

Follow Renee’s advice to keep your skin glowing in between ultra moisture-boosting facials at TOMORROWS. Call 440-333-5056 for more information or a consultation with Renee.

"I have taken care of many hands and feet with my relaxing massages," says Renee. "I am an expert at the art of manicuring men as well as women.” Renee loves gardening and animals. 

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