Is "Computer Posture" Affecting Your Health?


Most of us have experienced the dreaded “computer vision syndrome” after spending long hours staring at our screens, but have you ever heard of “computer posture”? 


Sitting for long hours hunched over a computer screen can result in more than just a sore back. Does this sound familiar? It should. As a matter of fact, 86% of fulltime workers do it all day, every day. Ironically, 70% of full-time employees claim they absolutely hate sitting.

This common worker bee position can cause chest muscles to tighten over time leading to curving of the upper back.  These muscles will in turn, loosen and eventually weaken.

This constant, improper position will also contribute to rounding of the shoulders, (famously known as the "hunch back" look), while contributing to extra tight hip flexors. Ouch!

The good news is, you can begin to improve your posture, feel better and protect your health by simply changing a few aspects of your work area. 

To ensure you station is more ergonomically friendly you can:

  1.  Adjust the height of you chair so that your hips are slightly higher than your knees
  2. Put the keyboard at the same height or slightly lower than your elbows, making sure your wrists are not bent
  3.  For optimal screen position, it should be directly in front of your face about twenty inches away, so you don’t have to crane your neck up, down, right or left. 

If you feel that the physical stresses of computer posture may have already taken their toll, don't fret. There is an easy and relaxing way to alleviate them. Massage!

The benefits of massage therapy reach far beyond physical stress relief, including back pain alleviation, reducing cramping, immunity building, and reducing seasonal stress.

The massage therapists at TOMORROWS cater to each individual client's needs and customize massages to address specific concerns.

Call 440-333-5056 for an appointment today and prevent the health ailments caused by computer posture!

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