Great Grooming and Style for Your Man This Valentine's Day

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You and your man will love this natural line from Alterna that will nourish and strengthen hair and skin.

The fragrances in these products are just perfect for men. "The subtle and earthy aromas result from the great ingredients,"  says TOMORROWS stylist Annie. "Pure fruit extracts and natural oils not only smell incredible, they are a reminder that the product is free from chemical additives, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and PABA."

Alterna BAMBOO Men products feature only the finest, natural formulas. "The organic ingredients nourish, protect and strengthen skin and hair," Annie adds. "A little daily treatment goes a long way to sustain strength and flexibility."

Men’s skin and hair has different needs to that of women. Coarser face and body hair, the need to shave daily, and hair thinning are all concerns that men require to address with their skin care routine and hair care products.

The Alterna BAMBOO Men skin and hair care range has been specially developed to meet men’s specific needs. With products that strengthen and add volume to thinning hair and make shaving less of a chore, Alterna BAMBOO Men deliver benefits that men both need and want. 

Alterna's 2-in-1 men's line puts the power of men's care in your hands. Perfect for fast and efficient daily grooming, here are a few of the products we have at TOMORROWS:

  • Bamboo Men Nourishing Conditioner & Shave Cream
  • Bamboo Men Invigorating Shampoo & Body Wash
  • Bamboo Men Thickening Gel Lotion

Visit TOMORROWS to purchase your Valentine's gift just for him or call (440) 333-5056 for more information.

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