Need Respiratory Relief? Winter Breathing Tips from TOMORROWS

Everyone knows that the weather can impact how they feel on any given day. But how does the cold weather impact our breathing?

Breathing cold air can dry out and irritate our airways causing bronchospasm (the contraction of the smooth muscle that surrounds the airway). Bronchospasm decreases the size of our airways making it difficult to get the air in and out of our lungs. Breathing this cold air can result in shortness of breath and even bloody noses, yuck!

Though we can't do much to change the temperature of the air, we can take a few precautionary measures to reduce the effects of the winter weather.

Here are a few tips from TOMORROWS massage therapist Desi to help find some respiratory relief:

  1. Invest in a home humidifier - Use a home humidifier to moisturize indoor air. “If you are running a humidifier in your house, clean it regularly” says Desi. "Mold can collect in unkept humidifiers which really defeats the purpose!"
  2. Avoid Wood Burning Stoves or Fireplaces - "Exposure to particles from wood burning stoves or fireplaces causes both short, and long-term health consequences, irritating the airways, especially when you combine it with the inhalation of cold air," says Desi. "Try an energy-efficient electric heaters instead."
  3. Exercise Indoors - "Exercising in the comfort of your own home or a gym is a safe alternative to exercising outdoors," Desi insists. "If you must exercise outdoors, be sure to warm up indoors first, for at least 15 to 20 minutes."

  4. Take Care of Nosebleeds - "Nosebleeds commonly occur in the winter because the nasal passages get dried out and crack," notes Desi. "Use some moisturizing ointment and saline drops to keep your nasal passages moist."

  5. Treat yourself to nourishing aromatherapy - "We offer a variety of relaxing and uplifting aromas including special blends that opens airways and relieves sinus pain and pressure," says Desi. "I prefer to use Olbas Oil which is a blend of peppermint, wintergreen, eucalyptus, clover and cajuput - it also stimulates muscles and does a great job relieving headaches." 

Throughout the month of February, TOMORROWS is offering a specialty massage for the price of a regular massage, so take advantage of this offer and find some respiratory relief!

Call 440-333-5056 to schedule your massage appointment and enjoy some relaxation and breathe again!

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