Your New Look for the Holidays

The holiday season is a great time to try something new and freshen up your hairstyle. Friends and family will be snapping your picture at various gatherings, and you'll want to look your best! 

Get new look for the Holidays!

Get new look for the Holidays!

A new hairstyle is a great way to update your image while keeping up with today's trends. When considering making a change, consider the following hair tips from Roberta:

  • Be Bold. Take the plunge and take it with gusto! There's no time like the present, and to make the most impact, you'll want your new look to be really different. Have fun!
  • Take Your Time Choosing the New Look. Ask your friends' opinions, check out hair and fashion magazines, and see how today's celebrities are wearing their hair. Bring in photos to your stylist to illustrate the style you want.
  • Add Color. The addition of highlights or lowlights can add great dimension to most styles. A great new color and new cut go hand in hand.
  • Try new products. Your old products may be building up in your hair and no longer really working for you. Now's the time to try a new styling regimen with fresh product. Ask your stylist what would work best on your hair.
  • Switch it up. Ask your stylist about different ways to wear your new style. Curly hair can be straightened, or headbands and accessories can be fun too!

While you're at it, try adding a little warmth to your skin with a fresh spray tan. TOMORROWS' experts will mix just the right color for your skin this time of year. You'll feel lighter and brighter with this light sun-kissed glow! With a new style, new color and fresh tan, you'll be confident and ready for the holidays. 

Call us today at 440-333-5056 to schedule an appointment with Roberta for a new look or with a spray tan expert for a fresh holiday glow!

Roberta specializes in multidimensional color, a look to certainly consider for your next holiday party. This time of year is busy for everyone so don't miss the chance to schedule your holiday style. 

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