Are you an "Off Season" Athlete? Therapeutic Massage is Just What You Need

Veteran massage therapist Sherri sees lots of athletes this time of year. The benefits of off season massage, particularly for runners, include:

Athletes benefit from off-season massage

Athletes benefit from off-season massage

  • Reduce or break up scar tissue in the lower body
  • Keep leg and hip joints loose
  • Stimulate circulation to muscles, tendons and ligaments

Athletes like distance runners know that over the winter, it's important to keep joints loose and muscles supple. 

A great, healthy running season is directly related to the preparation and maintenance during the off season. Massage is part of overall goal attainment for athletes.
— Sherri, Licensed Massage Therapist

According to sports massage therapists like Sherri, massage is restorative and nourishing to the body's muscles, ligaments and tendons. It stimulates circulation which increases the amount of oxygenated blood flow to areas that only get used during the training months.

Sherri asks athletes if they have injuries or sore spots and customizes massage techniques based on the tension and tightness of certain regions. She feels that the proper bodywork is beneficial to muscle health year round. Enhancing recovery on and off season.

If you're a runner or athlete who is looking to enhance off season recovery, make an appointment with Sherri for a sports massage. Contact us today at 440-333-5056.

Sherri // Massage Therapist
Sherri treats her clients to a unique style that she has developed over nearly 20 years of bodywork experience, including 10 years licensed with The State of Ohio Medical Board. Sherri is additionally certified in the following modalities: polarity, Reiki, Lomi-Lomi spiritual massage, chakra balancing, acupressure, myofascial release therapy, therapeutic applications in sports, neuromuscular release and deep tissue massage. Sherri's clients range from newborn babies to folks well into their 90's. From the sedentary to the professional athlete, Sherri's focus is to optimize function and enhance well being. Also a very proud mother of 3 wonderful sons, Sherri is excited to join Tomorrows' Wellness Team and looks forward to tailoring a session for you and your specific needs.


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