Easy Breezy Summer Hairstyles

Summer is the time for a no fuss, easy and fresh hairstyle that requires little more than wash and go! 

The latest haircut trends are showing that attractive styles don't have to be complicated. 

Style, cut and color by  Roberta

Style, cut and color by Roberta

"We're having fun with styles that are sensible for summer but still have a fresh, trendy look," says Roberta.  "Our clients have been happy with these easy, fun haircuts."

  • The tousled pixie (think Halle Berry) is easy to maintain because there's no wrong way to wear it! Messy, spiky, smooth or curly, you can't go wrong. TOMORROWS stylists can recommend the right styling products to keep your pixie looking good.
  • Summer equals beach, right? Those beachy waves are also perfect for summer because it's a 'messy' look that doesn't need any maintenance all day or all night long. A quick couple of passes with an iron will get you this summer fun look.
  • If your sick of your long hair, summer is the time to chop it! A fresh, soft bob gets rid of heavy locks and allow for bounce and ease. Still long enough to put in a pony, the bob or lob (long bob) looks great with tank tops and strapless sundresses.

TOMORROWS' stylists can suggest the right new look for you this summer. Make an appointment today!

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