Why are Spray Tans Are More Popular Than Ever?

TOMORROWS is busier than ever in the Spray Tan department!

Safe tanning is sunless tanning

Safe tanning is sunless tanning

We have added staff and opened more booking slots to accommodate the demand for quality, safe sunless tanning at the salon.

With all the press about the sun's enjoyable but harmful rays, we are hearing that our customers are becoming more vigilant about keeping skin safe.

The main concerns are:

  1. Skin cancer risk
  2. Premature aging / sagging skin
  3. Dark 'sun spots'

"Together with a great bronzer, a Spray Tan lets your skin maintain that warm summer glow well into the Fall," says Danielle. "We can customize your tanning color and share tips on how to make it last, all without the harmful effect of the sun's damaging rays." Read more about Spray Tanning at TOMORROWS here →

We offer discreet rooms and service from our experienced specialists. Give us a call to set up an appointment. Your skin will thank you! 440-333-5056

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